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Improve waiting time with our innovative queue management solutions

A better customer experience with our smart queue systems

Decrease waiting time and queue lines in your industry (public sector, retail, finance, health, etc.). For many businesses, customers are faced with long lines and wait times that are detrimental to customer satisfaction, cause losses in revenue and impair customers loyalty.

We offer innovative software and hardware solutions to manage queues and wait.

Our solutions help you significantly reduce the wait in your business or administration by smoothing out visits and avoiding peak traffic during the day. You can also improve the reception, identification and orientation of visitors to your premises. This will increase your visitor satisfaction rateensuring them a seamless experience.

Our solutions:

  • Eliminate queues
  • Decrease the wait
  • Improve the customer experience

ESII is one of the world leaders in queue management and visitor reception. Thanks to our experience of more than 35 years, we offer software and connected kiosks that adapt to all sectors (stores, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, banks, city halls, administrations ...) and to every organization size.

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Queue system and reception solution in SaaS mode

Orion is our flagship solution for reception and queue management. Thanks to its SaaS mode, this solution can be deployed across an entire network of premises worldwide. You offer a multi-channel receptione: online appointment booking, virtual ticket on smartphone, paper ticket on interactive connected kiosk. You call and guide visitors through dynamic communication on video screens.

Benefits :

  • Manage queues and reception
  • Continuously updated solution thanks to SaaS mode
  • Real-time waiting conditions information
  • Multisite
  • Scalable
Orion queuing software

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Digital ticket

Digital ticket

Smartwait™, the mobile solution

The promise of the Smartwait solution is simple : eliminate queuesby making the wait virtual.Your business can take advantage of customers’ smartphones with timely alerts about wait times and scheduled appointments.The visitor takes a virtual ticket for the same day or another day. To help him to choose when to come, he can consult the waiting conditions in real time.

This solution integrates into your mobile application or can be used by scanning a QRCode with a mobile device.

Benefits :

  • Numbered ticket on his smartphone
  • Geolocation
  • Real-time waiting conditions
  • Notification before his turn
  • Indicate the calling counter

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Single waiting line at checkout

eZQ™ Queuing solution

With the eZQ ™ solution, customers wait in a single line before they go to the checkout. Customers, in a single line, are distributed to the different checkouts automatically using sensors or manually with a call box installed at each checkout. In the queue, customers keep moving forward making the wait less frustrating and shorter.

Benefits :

  • Single line waiting
  • Automatic or manual distribution of customers to checkouts
  • Less waiting
  • Optimization of sales area

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eZQ™ single line queuing software

Online appointment

Manage your reception

One of the best ways to organize your reception to cut down on queues is to offer appointments online. Thanks to this solution, you integrate an online appointment booking module as an iframe into your website. It is easy to configure and allows your customers to reserve a time slot 24/7.

Benefits :

  • Offer appointments online on your website
  • Easily manage reception
  • Decrease queues
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Online appointment image with Orion

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