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Interactive and touch screen kiosk to welcome, inform and guide

Large range of kiosks adapted to your needs.

ESII Inc. Canada offers a wide range of interactive kiosks that adapts to your business needs. A self-service kiosk allows you to receive visitors, give them a first level of information, distribute tickets or request additional information.

Our interactive kiosk works with your business software to be perfectly integrated in your industry (health, retail, administration, bank, pharmacy, etc.). Furthermore, the kiosks are customizable with your logo and your look & feel colors.

ESII Inc. is an expert in queue management systems and reception solutions, our interactive kiosks can also be integrated with our software solutions.So, you offer a seamless and easy journey to the visitors from online appointment booking to identification on a kiosk and the distribution ofnumbered tickets.

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Twana range, multifunction kiosk

This touch screen kiosk range includes 5 interactive terminals :

  • Twana™ Touch
  • Twana™ Desk
  • Twana™ Diseo™
  • Twana™ Ultimate
  • Twana™ XL

These touch screen kiosks have their own features to be adapted to your business needs. The Touch and Desk models allow to easily welcome the customers and visitors by displaying information on the screen (for example a website) or by asking them additional information (form to be completed directly on the kiosk).

The Twana™ Diseo™ kiosk allows you to identify a visitor with, for example, an appointment code to type or a QRCodeto scan or a smart card. The Diseo™ kiosk can also be used to distribute tickets, printed using a thermal printer, the length of which is adjustable between 55 and 150 millimeters.

The Twana™ Ultimate kiosk increases the reception possibilities by allowing to display a website,offer forms to be completed, distribute personalized tickets. The interactive kiosk's touch screen allows a fully configurable and customizable scenario to be displayed in order to precisely specify customer requests.

The Twana™ XL kiosk has a wide range of features that makes it a multifunction kiosk. In addition to its large touch screen, this kiosk can be equipped with a video enhancer to improve the impact of your communication. Among its most advanced equipment, this touch screen kiosk offers a large printing capacity and a scanner.

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Keo : Connected terminal

The interactive kiosk Keo is extremely easy to use and to set-up. Thanks to its SaaS connectivity, it automatically retrieves its configuration from the cloud making its use Plug & Play.

About the features, the Keo interactive kiosk has a 10-inch screen with a high resolution (1280 by 800 pixels) to make it easier for visitors to read. This touch screen can display multimedia content.

Benefits :

  • Easy configuration
  • Displays media files
  • Prints paper tickets of variable length (50 mm to 150 mm)
  • Can be placed on a table or on a stand
Keo ticket dispenser

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phygital kiosk borne accueil

The Phygital Kiosk

With this interactive kiosk you can receive visitors with video conference. In fact, a single reception agent can be assigned to the reception of several buildings of one or more companies.

The large touch screen, Ultra HD resolution, allows the visitor to call the reception agent remotely. The agent asks for the purpose of the visit and contacts the person or company requested.

Benefits :

  • HD Audio and video
  • Ultra HDResolution
  • Display several services
  • Innovative kiosk

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